Corrugated cardboard production line



Purpose and Characteristics:

Corrugated Cardboard Production Line is the professional equipment for producing corrugated cardboard. The 3ply, 5ply, 7ply and multi-function corrugated cardboard production line mainly consist of the following equipment: Mill Roll Stand, surface paper (core-paper) pre-heater, single facer, Conveying Bridge, Glue Application Machine, Double Facer, Slitter Scorer, Cut-off, Conveyer and Stacker, Heating System, Air compression system and Glue Making System, etc.

The 3ply, 5ply, 7ply, and multi-function corrugated cardboard production line has high middle and low grade with different-specification and different-quality equipment. On the base of understanding the requirements of the customers and the advanced skills at home and abroad, our company has developed and designed these production lines with the speed 100-220m/min; the paper width 1400-2200mm and four fluting UV type A, B, C, E for all the customers to choose from.


Specifications Maximum machine speed Economical production speed Maximum width of paper
WJ220-(1800-2200)-Ⅰ(ⅡⅢ) 220m/min 180-200m/min 1800-2200mm
WJ200-(1600-2200)-Ⅰ(ⅡⅢ) 200m/min 140-160m/min 1600-2200mm
WJ150-(1600-2200)-Ⅰ(ⅡⅢ) 150m/min 100-120m/min 1600-2200mm
WJ120-(1400-2200)-Ⅰ(ⅡⅢ) 120m/min 80-100m/min 1400-2200mm
WJ100-(1400-2000)-Ⅰ(ⅡⅢ) 100m/min 60-80m/min 1400-2000mm