Partition machine for corrugated cardboard



Structure character

  • Length-ways and horizontal sheets do decussation inserting.
  • Automatic inserting is suitable for any kinds clapboard and block.
  • Instead of traditional manual type,double-position output type.

Technology parameter

  • Design speed: 60 sets/min (Model CGJ450-2,D=70 type)
  • Total power: 8.4kw
  • Dimension: 5mx2.7mx1.8m (LxWxH) (CGJ450-2,include sheet delivery)
Clapboard list
Name Unit Data
Length-ways sheets length: A mm 50-725
Horizontal inserting width: B mm 120-450
Clapboard height: C mm 65-300
Length-ways clapboard distance: D mm 20-250
Horizontal clapboard distance: E mm 40-160
Carton inserting mouth width mm >board thickness
Carton thickness mm 1.5-8mm
Carton forming method Die-cutting forming