Flexo Printing Slotting Rotary Die-cutting machine / Water ink printing slotting die cutting machine

printing machine_副本

Functions and features:
1: This machine is composed by feeder, printer, slotter, die cutter, stacker five components.
2: Feeder has lead edge feeder or kick feeder.
3: Equipped with high-pressure vacuuming device, can sweep off scraps of paper and impurities on the printing face of cardboard.
6: Transmission gear use good quality alloy steel, after carburizing and quenching, use spray lubrication and oil way balance system.
7: Use spray lubrication and oil line balanced system.
8: Use PLC touch screen multifunction controller. Host machine, fan, phase motor and so on are all using frequency conversion control.
9: Slotting unit is electric adjusting each part sizes of the carton box.
10: Stacker unit front pneumatic go up and down, back photoelectric tracking, auto going up.

Main technical parameter:

printing configrations